The Pampered Carriage
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We offer a full range of car detailing and protection services. We use the best products available to provide a professional appearance. With more than 30 years of experience, you can be certain your car will look the best its looked in years!


Full-Auto Detailing

Rust Proofing

With our full-auto detailing package, your car will look like it’s rolling off the car lot for the first time.

Even with today’s technology, cars can still rust. And with our harsh winters in northeast Ohio it’s wise to protect your investment.


Paint Protection

If you recently got your car detailed with us, bring it back within six months for a quick freshen-up! It’s a great way to keep it looking clean.

Scrapes, dings and dents are inevitable. To remove them, bring your car to a professional with the right tools who can offer long-term protection.

Headlight Restoration

Fabric Protection

Every wonder why you’re headlights aren’t bright anymore? They just need a good cleaning and they’ll be good as new!

Your car’s interior takes a beating. We’ve removed stains from crayons, markers, pets, food and so much more.

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